Trojan Student-Athletes earn 3.23 Departmental GPA

Trojan Student-Athletes earn 3.23 Departmental GPA

Trinidad, Colo. – Trinidad State Junior College is proud to announce the Trojan student-athletes posted a combined cumulative GPA of 3.23 across all teams. The Trojan softball team led the way, finishing the year with a team GPA of 3.55. Every team except the men's soccer squad were above a 3.0. Men's soccer did have a great second semester, however, as they posted an impressive 3.28 as a team following the winter break.  

"Our student-athletes continue to strive for excellence on the field and in the classroom," Athletic Director Mike Salbato said. "Our coaches have created a culture that values academic achievement, and the students have really bought in. What Coach (Steve) Swazo and his assistants did this year was extremely impressive. They won the region title on the field and put up fantastic marks in the class room as well. The sophomores on the softball team were all above a 3.24 which is even more impressive. The only team below the 3.0 mark was the men's soccer team, but I may be the proudest of them. They had a terrible first semester, but new coach Peter Freeman worked diligently to change the culture the second semester. They turned it around completely. I want to congratulate all of the athletes and coaches on an amazing year!"

Final Team GPA standings

Softball 3.55

Women's Outdoor Track 3.39

Women's Indoor Track 3.33

Baseball 3.30

Women's Basketball 3.29

Men's Outdoor Track 3.26

Volleyball 3.24

Women's Cross Country 3.19

Men's Indoor Track 3.17

Men's Cross Country 3.13

Men's Basketball 3.12

Women's Soccer 3.08

Men's Soccer 2.88