Softball donates blankets to those in need

Softball donates blankets to those in need

By Steve Block – The Trinidad Chronicle News (This article originally ran in the Trinidad Chronicle News on December 14, 2017 – used with their permission)


When winter's icy blasts arrive some people don't have a nice warm blanket to keep the chill, especially if they're homeless and exposed to the cold of a Colorado winter. Players on the women's softball team at Trinidad State Junior College had access to a large number of new, homemade blankets and several team members gave 15 of them to people in need on Monday, December 11 at the Fisher's Peak Soup Kitchen.

Deanna Zamora of Los Lunas, New Mexico said her aunt had three friends in Los Lunas who produced handmade blankets and then gave them away to people in need. Through that connection, Zamora was able to acquire 23 new blankets to give away in Trinidad, with eight of them being given away last weekend and the remainder going to those in need on Monday.

"My aunt back home knows these three women who handmade them to give out back in Los Lunas," Zamora said. "We wanted to give something back to the community."

Three other softball players were on hand for the giveaway, including Sydney Kouns of Berthoud, Gabrielle Gonzalez on Winslow, Arizona and Teddi Garcia of Carlsbad. All four young women said they were happy to donate the blankets as a fine example of the holiday spirit.

Trojan Head Softball Coach Stephen Swazo said it felt great to be coaching a team of young women who were willing to help people who needed their assistance. "That's the type of girls that I have," Coach Swazo said. "They want to give to the community, give something back, because the team appreciates the support of our community. Deanna (Zamora) came to me right after Thanksgiving and said, 'hey coach, I'd like to do something to give back to Trinidad,' and she was able to have some of the blankets brought back that her aunt's friends had made.

"They're all handmade blankets. This past weekend we went around town and gave some to the less fortunate. We just decided that we had some extra blankets and we would bring them here and give them away to people who really needed them."